All ielts speaking question with answer

Give more than one reason, or compare and contrast different views. Task 2 Some people believe that trade and cultural relationship between the counties is development. Had I known it earlier, my score would have been more than 7.

Have you looked at my post on this? Thank you Comment by RS β€” August 25, 3: There is an overall description of the cycle followed by a clearly sequenced and divided description of the stages.

The less the best,everthing is simple to understand and helped me before of my exam practice. Waiting for the next chance. Rose September 9, at Anonymous January 31, at 3: If you think you know the verb forms, then use them as this will definitely contribute to a higher score.

The examiner will stop you if you continue speaking for more than two minutes. Comment by Simone Braverman β€” August 8, 7: Now im 32 years and 2 months. The rest 7 mark out of the total 9 band score is decided by the Cambridge faculty when our recorded voices get to them.

Which is the favourite room in your house? I really hope I get at least a 7 if not a 7.

IELTS speaking band scores explained

Some of this carbon is trapped underground in the form of fossils and fossil fuels. In the second oneI ran out of ideas and paused for a moment. Writing Task1 They have given two pie charts, they represent the different kinds of energy produced in the years and You will have one minute to think about your answer, making notes if you prefer to do so.

After the exam, she said the conversation was very interesting. Simone Comment by admin β€” December 16, 2: As you can see, for the second time although overall score was higher, writing was reduced to 6. I used it intensively and my first attempt was over all-7 7L, 7R, 7W, 7.

At least means at least. Everyone is here to learn so keep your feedback to yourself. Where do you like to go in your free time? Are you able to keep talking without too much hesitation or repetition?

Good luck with your application. Reply Ravi October 28, at Iam very much worried and sometimes I doubt about the test reliability.

IELTS Speaking: Introduction

When my parents where growing up, for example, there were only three TV channels and no internet, but nowadays young people are almost constantly exposed to news and entertainment. Niraj Karki October 15, at 1: Arkadaslar yalan bu puf noktalar iki bucuk aldim amk adam sallamis ya yazarken bunlari.

Well, thanks to all your contributions!! I mean they often compare their new toys with each other to see who has the best one.

Are you able to use a wide range of vocabulary and show some awareness of collocation? Before the introduction of half scores it would have dropped to a 6.

IELTS speaking tips

I passed with the required overall band score, however I need a minimum of 7 for speaking, Can i ask for any suggestions that may help?

January 20, by Liz 10 Comments Technology is a popular topic in speaking part 3. Please explain both the views and your opinion.IELTS-blog has everything you need to prepare for IELTS exam by yourself. You will find here valuable information about the IELTS test, strategies, tips and secrets, links to free IELTS practice tests.

How are IELTS speaking band scores calculated? This is an important question for any IELTS candidate because many mistakes can be avoided by knowing what the examiner is looking for and how your speaking is graded.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Question. A cycle diagram is a variation on the process diagram in which the process repeats itself. So it’s a good idea to make that point in your answer. Below is a list of questions for newspaper that you can get in IELTS Speaking.

There is a sample of questions for each part of the test. Two. There are two types of the IELTS test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Listening and Speaking are the same for both tests, but the subject matter of the Reading and Writing components differs depending on which test you take.

Dear Simon, Please can I ask another question regarding the Part two in speaking? We are supposed to answer the questions on the speaking card.

All ielts speaking question with answer
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