An examination of the life and career of yasser arafat

Along with completing his studies, he also kept trying to get into the army, and finally, he was selected as a lieutenant in the Egyptian army, when he was They were murdered by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. Accused for the Khartoum Diplomats Assassination. She died from a kidney ailment in While Yasser Arafat is portrayed as a martyr in his own country Palestine, Yasser Arafat is also condemned for his attacks on Israeli civilians.

InOslo II was signed which gave the foundation to peace treaties and many more agreements up to Fatah dedicated itself to the liberation of Palestine by an armed struggle and at the end of Arafat left Kuwait to become full — time revolutionary, organizing raids into Israel from Jordan.

Fatah and PLO slowly started growing and spread their arms. Suha accused that they were trying to bury Yasser alive.

Inthe PLO was inducted into the Arab League at Rabat summit and also declared the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. He was also awarded with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. A United States Department of State document, declassified inconcluded that the Khartoum operation was planned and executed with the full knowledge and personal approval of Yasser Arafat.

The PLA also invaded Jordan, but was defeated by their army. Soon, the organizations started attracting young Muslims to join them in the anti-Israel war. From the very young age of around 15 years, he dreamed of having his own country for his people.

He continued to lead the PLO for 35 straight years, with huge support from the Palestinian people, till the end of his life.

Biography of Yasser Arafat

The PLO achieved reputation and an image of one of the biggest terrorist organizations around. The leader is also known as the Chairman of the Palestine liberation Organization who founded the secular political party Fatah instepping in as its leader.

Studies Judaism and Zionism. Yasser Arafat first employed in the department of public works and eventually set up his own contracting firm. Yasser Arafat was buried on 13 November Yasser Arafat made the mistake of supporting Saddam Hussein during the Kuwait crisis of and paid the price of political isolation in the Gulf.RAMALLAH // Key dates in the life of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

August 4, Birth of Arafat, whose full name was Mohammed Abdel Rawf Arafat Al Qudwa Al Hussaini, in Cairo.

Yasser Arafat biography

Born in Cairo inYasser Arafat was named chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization 40 years later. From this post, he was at the forefront of years of violence, border disputes and the Palestinian liberation movement, all Born: Aug 24, Yasser Arafat was born to a Palestinian textile merchant and his wife from an old Palestinian family in Jerusalem, on August 24,in Cairo.

Yasser's mother died when he was a child of five years. Biography of Yasser Arafat – First President of the Palestinian National Authority Yasser Arafat was a famous President of the Palestinian National Authority. Yasser Arafat was born on 24 August, in Cairo, Egypt. Find out how much you know about Yasser Arafat with a quiz on his life and role in Middle Eastern politics.

Quiz & Worksheet - Life of Yasser Arafat Quiz; "I aced the CLEP exam and earned. Yasser Arafat Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Yasser Arafat also was known as Abu Ammar, and he was born in Cairo in He rose to fame during the clashes between Palestine and Israel, and for 40 years he was the chairman of .

An examination of the life and career of yasser arafat
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