Annotated bibliography for gun control

One way to do so is to renew the assault riffle ban.

She wants the schools, parents, and friends to be accountable just as much as the actual killers are. There are lots of good gun statistics comparing us to other countries. The authors researched in specific the impact of the NRA on the votes for the gun-control bill and found that the NRA actually made no statistical impact on the votes, while their competitors, Handgun Control Inc.

Many people want to relate their ideas Annotated bibliography for gun control ordinary people. The article was not biased; it only gave facts that needed to be known by the American public.

The whole site is neutral, they only try to inform the audience about the Second Amendment. The journal conveys that there are many reasons that go into answering why there has been an increase in juvenile homicide, but the best solution is through education and proper parenting.

The website provides viewers with multiple links to articles regarding the issue, interviews with famous activists, and information regarding NRA officials and debates and relative bills currently in Congress.

By comparison, they seem almost directly opposite to each other, a detail that might not have been accidental. This article looks at the kind of people that are more likely to commit gun related crimes, such as substance abusers.

This is the official website for the National Rifle Association, one of the most prominent anti-gun control organizations today. The authors found that the impact of elite lobbying and organizational lobbying did indeed have an impact on the House and Congressional votes.

All information biased, as we know Moore places most the blame of gun violence on the American psyche and how various factors such as the government and large support groups NRA affect how the population perceives reality. This article is about our nations growing violence and how this is directly correlated with our nations gun control laws.

These findings give substantial evidence that guns in the right hands can possibly be life savior. I will definitely use this source when pertaining to establishing an issue within my papers. This website helps give a better perspective on the organizations that lobby for more gun control and how they compare to the anti-gun control activists.

While attempting to reach a large audience, they advertise more of a common citizen feeling than a large organization; however, they still attempt to address the issue in a dramatic way with a counter in the top corner of the website presenting the number of people shot in America this year and today.

I will be using this article to show that having guns available to some is a good thing. With this being said I will have resources backing the middle ground stance on gun control.

Fits our research well, the societal influences section and resource availability especially.

After reading this article, I have become more aware of the political battle that gun control is. If you make it illegal to own guns or harder for people to own them it only benefits criminals. This website attempts to reach a nation-wide audience and uses these visual-spatial effects to spark a sense of patriotism and pride in the people opposing gun control laws.

First it points out the lack of morals and values in young adults and children. This site helps give a better understanding to people who may not get the exact point of what the Second Amendment is trying to deliver.

This is a useful source because it covers our research question through out the article.

In his January 16th gun ban proposal, President Obama suggests that we limit the amount of bullets that magazines can hold, ban assault riffles, and adding background checks on everyone that wants to purchase a firearm. I like this article because it clearly shows that gun control is a sticky situation.

To construct a good research one must include all ideas and all beliefs, not just one. While the bill did pass, the information that the NRA was not very influential in the passing of that bill casts the NRA into a new light.

Another use of this article will allow me to use a pathos appeal because readers will sympathize with a young boy being suspended from school for simply drawing a picture.

This article addresses Presidents recent gun bans. This site is not biased or slanted; it is purely posted just for the sake of information for the curious, or in this case, the researcher. The Brady Campaign seeks to get the viewer involved by any means possible, whether it is with donations, lobbying, or participating in Brady Campaign sponsored events.

His opinion will help back my middle ground stance on my issue. She clearly states that the wrong people are getting their hands on these deadly weapons. One of the main causes given is the acceptance of American violence.

But she creates a great idea and new perspective that can be used. However, this article does not take into account change over time, as the bill was passed many years ago and the NRA may have lost or gained influence recently.Misenheimer 1Will Misenheimer Deby Jizi UWRT 2 April Annotated Bibliography “Gun Control Debate Explo.

The NRA believes that gun control in the United States should be minimized in the United States, invoking every American’s second amendment rights, and many supporters of the same perspective view the NRA as a reliable source of information on the subject.

The book publish relates to the gun control due to controversies regarding differentiation of laws involved with guns in different states across the country.

The United States has more than 20, laws and ordinances for guns, but depending where one travels not all the rights to carry or possess a gun are the same across sate lines.

citizens' distrust in the ability of police to effectively control crime ([41] Livingstone and Hart, ). There is some existing support for the relationship. These gun laws are aimed at restricting gun sales and use in the state.

This source also mentions the history of gun laws, the Second Amendment, and challenges to gun laws by the National Rifle Association, (NRA). This site clearly is positioned as for gun control, but is still a good site to learn from.

I’ve already learned that millions of people are for gun control, and are willing to act on it to make something happen.

Annotated bibliography for gun control
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