Artists writing about their work is their passion

And is it even a good idea to have artists write them? What are the elements of the ideal statement? Craft rarely requires this sort of explication, but it may involve technical or, yes, conceptual annotations that enrich the viewing or using experience.

What kind of things do you do to get those creative juices flowing again? Ari Herstand — Rocking the full-time indie music career dream and helping you do the same Ari has been a full-time musician for over five years and has over shows to his credit.

Barry Kerollis — Bucking the trend in traditional ballet Barry is a freelance ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher who started blogging in Those of us who love art and artists love them all the way.

The problem with theory — creative people are so diverse in their talents and interests that seeing how this advice applies to your own situation is difficult. Her writing is full of hard-won experience and practical, down-to-earth advice to help you achieve the same levels of success, whatever that means for you.

Thomas Mahon — Savile Row tailor whose blog breathed new life into a traditional, close-knit industry Thomas started his blog inencouraged by his friend Hugh MacLeod.

What delights the fans of a writer might be a complete turn-off for the fans of a filmmaker. You can find archives of her call-in radio show podcasts and YouTube videos from her various classes and workshops on her site.

How do you feed your creative soul? The difficulties are compounded in the case of craft. In addition to her passion for developing the minds and hearts of students and teachers in the context of science education, Dr. I want the program to inspire people to greater connectivity with their cosmos …to stir their minds and hearts in a way that lets them experience a greater intimacy with our universe.

Do you remember when you just loved to create? FuNkwoRm — Music producer and hip-hop lover with featured artists, great industry insight and advice FuNkwoRm is a music producer who loves hip-hop and decided to do something about it through his blog. Artists who enhance the lives of people all over the world with their work.

Josh Pais — Veteran actor who delivers creative rocket fuel, Ninja Turtle style Josh is a cool, fun dude. Praverb writes about marketing, branding, increasing fan engagement and much more. For the first time, it allowed the world to see the skills, service, and people behind Savile Row tailoring and paved the way for future generations of new enthusiasts.

In the end, there are good reasons for artists to write about their work. Embrace the discomfort that comes from setting yourself apart from others. His fast-growing GoinsWriter site has gained much attention and praise and won a Top Blogs for Writers award in Steal Like An Artist is a must-read for all creative types.

Your audience expects to see a different side of you on your blog. And by failing to connect with a global audience, you could be condemning your creativity to a life in the shadows.

After all, a love letter is tough to write too. Also never be afraid to start over. See where your current friends hang out. If you would like to share this article the short URL is: When he was 20 years old he chose to study law and economics and attended the University of Moscow where he lectured and also wrote about spirituality.

Not to imitate them, but perhaps to simply show you a little further down your chosen path. She worked outside of the art establishment and shares her learning process and growing collections on her blog.

5 Ways to Rediscover your Art and Reclaim your Passion

Tilly Walnes — DIY Dressmaker demystifies sewing so you can create your own style Tilly is a former filmmaker who learned to sew, became obsessed with the freedom that comes from defining her own style, and never looked back. Soon other published authors began to tell CJ that her writing should be published.

She strongly encourages artists to blog and her own blog, Maquette, is an in-depth collection of thoughts on art, design, style, and craft. Everywhere we go, we are always connected. Remember that we are all here stumbling our way through trying to find our individual voice. As this new year begins, I know that many of us are trying to reconnect and rededicate ourselves to our art and our creative passion.

What works for artists in the real world? Joy Ike — Songstress who delivers grassroots marketing strategies with the voice of an angel Joy is a talented songwriter with an eclectic musical style and captivating voice.

Or hilarious personal stories from your travels. For AstroJazz, Morrow sings, co-composes songs, writes the lyrics or lyrical parodies, researches the science content, and prepares the animated PowerPoint slides that, along with the songs.Artistic Passion Quotes. Quotes tagged as "artistic-passion" and those that speak from a conscientious desire to make apparent to others the beauty that has awakened their own admiration.” ― Anna Katharine Green.

tags: art Writing is a twitchy art, which attempts to employ linguist building blocks handed-down from past generations. Artists describing how their work is an expression of their spirituality.

In the end, there are good reasons for artists to write about their work. But how should they do it? For me, a good artist’s statement is an extension of the work, rather like a museum label, not a standalone piece of prose. The following list offers writing by a variety of artists at the top of their game, all bending language to convey the passion behind their work.

These people communicate in wildly different ways. These people communicate in wildly different ways. This article is about Famous Artists Who Reclaimed Their Artistic Passion. The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS. Home / Articles / Famous Artists Who Reclaimed Their Artistic Passion.

The story goes, she was so captivated upon seeing their art work that from then on she worked with renewed energy and deepened spirituality. 12 Famous Artists Reveal What Is Art and What It Means to Them The artist speaks to you with vibrant colors, bold strokes, and fine lines.

She whispers her secrets, shares her passion, expresses her anguish, and taunts your sensibilities.

Famous Artists Who Reclaimed Their Artistic Passion

Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci. People throng to museums to admire their work. Their paintings.

Artists writing about their work is their passion
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