Boeing selling a dream liner company case answer questions

This involves a process of careful design and architecture … as well as a staged integration of the entire system, and extensive qualification, verification, and validation testing. But even after being cleared to fly, the Dreamliner is under constant scrutiny by the media. Systems engineers look at these challenges as small setbacks on the way to success, which they define as building an even better Dreamliner for safe, frequent flying.

Unfortunately, recent headlines have not been good. The Boeing Dreamliner has been making headlines since it was introduced to the public in But together, under certain circumstances, the parts specifically the lithium-ion batteries failed—but not all the time. What should their outsourcing strategy be next time?

Failure in complex systems can be difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to solve, due to all of the interconnected parts and the chain of cause and effect reactions within the system.

Was outsourcing the design and production of the Dreamliner the right way to go? The entire fleet of 50 Dreamliner planes was grounded in January after planes ran into issues with the lithium-ion batteries.

However, in the end, the question still remains: According to MIT Sloan Professor Steve Eppingerthe issues the Dreamliner has faced stem less from new technology and more from the fact that this new technology is embedded in a highly-complex system.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The original batteries that were approved were made by one company, but the batteries that were actually installed in the Dreamliner today are made by a different company. While the company had a record number of orders—the Dreamliner was the fastest-selling commercial jet in aviation history—the process of designing and manufacturing the jet was not a pretty one: Essentially, Boeing was just a large-scale systems integrator.

How, then, can one reduce failure in a complex system? The company chose to have the jet designed and built mostly by other companies. It is difficult to replicate exact fight situations under test conditions, and, thus, harder to pinpoint the problems before they occur.

On balance, with just under 60 aircraft in service, the has had six reported mechanical incidents in The battery system worked; the charging system worked; and the airplane as a whole worked. Or did the company save money, but at great risk and high cost?of case: Boeing Dreamliner Critical Facts: Boeing is the world’s largest manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft, which was founded in by William Boeing and Navy Engineer Conrad Westervelt in the name of Pacific Aero Products Company in Seattle, which after active participation in World war-I was renamed to Boeing Airplane.

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10 - N°2 - 76 Managing New Product Development and Supply Chain Risks: The Boeing Case Figure 2 Historical stock prices of Boeing and Airbus compared to the S&P The Boeing ­‐ airplane, to be put in service in Initially, has become Boeing’s best-­‐selling new plane ever; as of Septemberthe Boeing Company had orders for airplanes from 58 customers worldwide with an estimated backlog value of $ billion (see Exhibit 1).

Boeing announced today the Dreamliner received an amended type certificate (ATC) from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), clearing the airplane for commercial service.

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The Boeing Dreamliner has been making headlines since it was introduced to the public in Unfortunately, recent headlines have not been good. Boeing's manufacturing decisions for their leading-edge airplane present a good case to examine when considering outsourcing versus vertical.

Boeing selling a dream liner company case answer questions
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