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The head is assumed to be from a dead man because he had cold lips. She tells him that she overcomes the social pressures to be with him. The word glide implies that she is full of grace which is in total contrast to the storm going on outside.

Another similarity is that in both poems the men are telling the story. Enjambment is a technique that causes the thought begun in one line to carry over to the following line.

This relates back to the clues that she is dead and the hints that she was murdered. This shows that it is normal to this person. I think that this works effectively at engaging the reader, because it alters their opinion on the situation.

For the first time, they did something together and it was not only her in control, he has achieved his aim. Looking at the structure is another way of seeing where control lies. He was sure that she wanted to die because she did not struggle: Another similarity is the men are both killers, and the women are both killed.

Although, quite the opposite impression for the Duchess who blatantly went away with other men who flattered her very easily and also gave herself a bad reputation which brought shame for the Duke. Porphyrias Lover is a poem of abnormal love.

Compare and Contrast the Poems “My Last Duchess” and “Salome” Essay Sample

So he sees the only way he can have control of her and keep her is to kill her. This type of poetry traces its origin to Chaucer and is successfully practiced by John Donne in his innumerable love lyrics.

This gives the reader a clue to what is to come, maybe that he wants another wife.

Compare & Contrast ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ and ‘My Last Duchess’ Essay

He thinks highly of himself and wants the Count to know he is important. These techniques are used to create a cold atmosphere in both poems to try to appeal to the reader.

Even Porphyrias Lover wants to punish her for her boldness. He starts by exhibiting it with a great sense of pride: Enjambmentis a technique that causes the thought begun in one line to carry over to the following line.

Compare and contrast similarities and differences of Porphyria’s lover and My last Duchess Essay

He then talks of how she kneels at the fire grate and makes the whole cottage warm. We later find out that she is talking about getting drunk and killing a man by chopping his head off.

Compare and contrast Browning's

Rhyming couplets show control and the rhyme scheme in My Last duchess, is rhyming couplets the whole way through, so evidently the Duke has lots of control. The narrator shows no regret or remorse for killing a man.

Both poems focus on the topic of killing lovers, but the two poets take different attitudes towards this. Here he is saying that although he loves her too he thinks that their relationship could never last but in that moment he also looks into her eyes and realises that she loves him.

Robert Browning uses many different linguistic devices to create different effects and can also help us understand the narrator more.

Because the Duke already has a lot of control he hires someone to murder his wife.

Compare and contrast, My Last Duchess and Porphyria’s Lover

Women were expected to stay at home and care for the family. For example, the Duke seems without any mercy and the men killed by Salome seem to be innocent.

She could be completely innocent of any wrong doing but if she did do something wrong it is not a good enough reason to be killed. This would shock the audience because she says it in a very calm and relaxed way.

Compare Browning's

In both works, he advocates death as the best way to preserve love and chastity. We get a feeling that when Porphyrias lover realizes what he has done, it will be two late. The similarity is that both murderers make the readers believe that their victims are still alive by propping them up or depicting them in a canvas, forcing the beloved into submission.Compare and contrast, My Last Duchess and Porphyria’s Lover We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

By continuing we’ll. Free Essay: Compare and contrast Porphyrias lover and My last Duchess “Porphyrias lover” and My Last Duchess are similar in many ways, they are both written. Compare and contrast similarities and differences of Porphyria’s lover and My last Duchess Essay My Last Duchess is an example of a dramatic monologue.

It is written in the first person an Italian Duke. the way the his last Duchess conducted herself with other men. The quotes that back these up are, In the Laboratory. ‘Soon at the King’s, a mere lozenge to give And Pauline should have just thirty minutes.

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The poem "My Last Duchess" was written by a famous 19th century poet called Robert Browning. "Salome", on the other hand, is a modern 20th century poem.

Compare contrast of my last duchess and
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