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This excellent tale of suspense and tension naturally gives rise to a number of thesis statements. In the writers case, she learned her identity is not something she needs to discover, it is something she had all along.

My destiny depends on the edge of this blade.

Just Lather Thats All

While the barber condemned himself to an uncertain future, he made the right decision. The barber is conflicted as he finds the enemy leader in a vulnerable position, and the perfect opportunity to murder him. In the barbers case he determined he was not a murderer, he was just a barber.

I can turn my hand a bit more, press a little harder on the razor, and sink it in. You came to me for a shave. Revenge is not the best option to solve problems; there are many ways to get things back to normal.

The barber chooses to give the shave and thus to preserve his job and his reputation. It would be the easiest thing in the world for the barber to lean over and slice his throat open with his razor, and yet he does not.

Writing Everyone deals with conflict in different ways, whether it be dealing with it head on, or avoiding it. A key passage you will want to talk about comes towards the end of the story, when we increasingly read a kind of stream of consciousness narration as we hear the internal thoughts of the barber talking through his options and motivations in his head: Although the writer and the barber experienced very different situations, their internal conflict was very similar.

And I perform my work honourably I am a good barber, the best in town He would get punished, by the government or by the rebels, but nothing is most important than the interior peace. There is nothing more tender than human skin and the blood is always there, ready to pour forth.

His thoughts were in a completely conflict; he wanted to take revenge by killing Captain Torres, which had killed many friends part of the rebels.

In the story, the decision that the barber had to make is the point that makes everything more interesting. He would carry the responsibility by himself, and left behind his career, just for one moment of anger. These two paragraphs in a sense capture the essence of the story - the narrator comes to a point where he almost has a grudging respect for Captain Torres - for his place in the scheme of things, as he realises who he is not - for he is not a murderer, he is a barber who takes great pride in doing his job well.

At this stage in the story the conflict changes to person versus self, as he decides whether or not to take the moral high road.

Just Lather, That's All Analysis

Hope this helps and good luck! He had to think in the consequences, because killing does not bring peace; it just provokes anger to other people and makes bigger the problem.In the story, “Just Lather, That’s All” by Hernando Tellez, the barber would have been a coward had he killed Captain Torres because, when he killed the captain he was unarmed.

Secondly, he would have to flee leaving all he had behind. Just Lather, That's All Homework Help Questions.

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What is the theme of the short story "Just Lather, That's All"? In my opinion, the theme here (in the way you are describing theme) is the meaning. Just Lather, Thats all essays"Just Lather, That's All" It is an everyday struggle to differentiate between good and evil.

In many cases it is clear and straight forward as to what is right, but everyone has at one point questioned themselves as to what the right thing to do was. I. Everyone deals with conflict in different ways, whether it be dealing with it head on, or avoiding it.

Essay on “Just Lather Thats All” Ad “Absence”

In the short stories "Just Lather, That's All" by Hernando Tellez and "Absence" by Carol Shields, the main characters are both faced with conflict.

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Essay on "Just Lather Thats All" Ad "Absence" on, or avoiding it. In the short stories " Just Lather, That's All " by Hernando Tellez and "Absence" by Carol Shields, the main characters are both faced with conflict.

Essay just lather thats
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