Femas response to hurricane katrina

Shortly before midnight on Friday, September 2, the Bush administration sent Governor Blanco a request to take over command of law enforcement under the Insurrection Act one of the exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Actbut this request was rejected by Blanco. As we recover from a disaster, let us also work for the day when all Americans are protected by justice, equal in hope, and rich in opportunity.

We did not have the wherewithal to deal with these people. The bill was signed into law by President Bush on October 9, One hospital CEO stated that three months after the storm, the hospital staff still could not locate some of their patients who had been evacuated.

Brownthe head of FEMA, on August 29, urged all fire and emergency services departments not to respond to counties and states affected by Hurricane Katrina without being requested and lawfully dispatched by state and local authorities under mutual aid agreements and the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

Bush, generated criticism after comments on hurricane evacuees and a donation. It is that lack of sensitivity and compassion that represents a kind of incompetence.

As we renew the promise of our institutions, let us also show the character of America in our compassion and care for one another It has been stated in the evacuation order that, beginning at noon on August 28 and running for several hours, all city buses were redeployed to shuttle local residents to, "refuges of last resort," designated in advance, including the Louisiana Superdome.

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FEMA Firefighters When FEMA called for firefighters for "community service and outreach," highly trained firefighters showed up in a staging area in an Atlanta hotel, believing that their skills would be used, or would better be used, for search and rescue operations.

Offers of medicine, communications equipment and other desperately needed items continue to flow in, only to be ignored by the agency. It was not until late on August 31 that Blanco learned the FEMA buses were being sent from outside the state, and could not arrive in time.

Germany had offered airlifting, vaccination, water purification, medical supplies including German air force hospital planes, emergency electrical power and pumping services; their offer was noted and they received a formal request three days later.

Blanco decided to evacuate the city in response to that request. Many of the poor depend on welfareSocial Securityor other public assistance checks, which they receive on the first of each month, meaning that Hurricane Katrina made landfall just when many of the poor had exhausted their resources.

When Amtrak offered trains to evacuate significant numbers of victims—far more efficiently than buses—FEMA again dragged its feet. But there were two problems here. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U. On April 14,it was announced that the city will begin to return seized firearms, however as of earlymany firearms were still in police possession, and the matter was still in court.

Federally contracted truck drivers instead received orders from FEMA to deliver the ice to government rented storage facilities around the country, as far north as Maine. Many have also criticized the local and state governments, who have primary responsibility for local disasters, including both Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin.

District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana issued a restraining order to bar further firearms confiscations. FEMA sent hundreds of firefighters who had volunteered to help rescue victims to Atlanta for 2 days of training classes on topics including sexual harassment and the history of FEMA.

On the night of August 30, and again the next morning, he personally called the manager of the Southern Pines Electric Power Association and ordered him to divert power crews to electrical substations in nearby Collins, Mississippithat were essential to the operation of the Colonial Pipelinewhich carries gasoline and diesel fuel from Texas to the Northeast.

The destruction wrought by Katrina, and the flooding thereafter, severely damaged the roads and other infrastructure needed to deliver relief. In many instances, federal staff and national organizations did not seem to have the flexibility, training, and resources to meet demands on the ground.

In New Orleans and in other places, many of our fellow citizens have felt excluded from the promise of our country. Within the city itself, the poorest, who are mostly African-American, tended to live in the lowest parts that are most vulnerable to flooding.

Had contra-flow on highways been initiated sooner and more buses begun evacuating families including the idle school buses that were not used at all the numbers of stranded New Orleans occupants would have been significantly less, making the initial wave of FEMA supplies adequate and even excessive.

Bush was criticized for not returning to Washington, D. The city never deployed the buses, which were subsequently destroyed in the flooding.

The answer is not only temporary relief, but schools that teach every child, and job skills that bring upward mobility, and more opportunities to own a home and start a business. Brown a question about them live on the Nightly News.

On June 8,HB was signed into law. However, the Posse Comitatus Act does not apply to National Guard troops under the command of a state governor.

Criticism of government response to Hurricane Katrina

Konie stayed behind, in her well provisioned home, and had an old revolver for protection. A federal law prohibiting seizure of lawfully held firearms during an emergency, the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act ofpassed in the House with a vote of to 99, and in the Senate by The Department of Homeland Security, along with other Departments, will be part of the task force and will assist the Administration with its response to Hurricane Katrina.

Per the agreement, the city was required to relax the strict proof of ownership requirements previously used, and was to release firearms to their owners with an affidavit claiming ownership and a background check to verify that the owner is legally able to possess a firearm.

Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms. On September 9, Army Lt. Similarly, Sweden had been waiting for a formal request to send a military cargo plane with three complete GSM systems, water sanitation equipment, and experts.

Jefferson D - Louisiana a Representative for Louisiana from the New Orleans area, was criticized when he had misused National Guard resources to check on his personal belongings and property on September 2, during the height of the rescue efforts.

On September 23, the U.According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest storms to impact the coast of the United States, causing widespread devastation and affecting an estimated 90, square miles along the central Gulf Coast states.

Apr 14,  · In a hefty page report, the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general writes that the federal government and FEMA received "widespread criticism for a slow and ineffective response to Hurricane Katrina." "Much of the criticism is warranted," Inspector General Richard L.

Skinner writes. Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and generated a huge disaster. The storm flooded New Orleans, killed more than 1, people, and caused $ billion in. Nov 03,  · Lessons From Katrina Boost FEMA's Sandy Response The federal agency has received praise from politicians and storm survivors alike for being prepared before the storm and responsive immediately afterward — two things the agency was not when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast in In Response to Hurricane Katrina Page 4 Background Hurricane Katrina’s Devastation After first making landfall in Florida as a Category 1 hurricane on August 25,Hurricane Katrina crossed the Gulf of Mexico and grew in intensity before making a second landfall in Louisiana as a strong Category 3.

Hurricane Katrina was a long-lived hurricane that made landfall three times along the United States coast and reached Category 5 at its peak intensity. The storm initially developed as a tropical depression in the southeastern Bahamas on August 23,

Femas response to hurricane katrina
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