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I almost stopped after the first couple of stories, which were just too weighted down with the theme of upright-Europeans-corrupted-by-the-decadent-East, but it got better, with most of the stories having no more than the usual unheeding colonial condescension.

Not so with Conrad, who actually incorporated the people and the very land itself into his work. Somerset Maugham - "In a Strange Land". And it is far from a sympathetic one.

This is a companion book to another volume of Maugham stories set in Singapore, In a strange land maugham, Borneo, and sometimes a little beyond, Far Eastern Tales. So, Hendricks moves back to his old neighborhood.

On the one hand we come to know that the Englishwoman is a proprietor, but on the other hand she feels ready to hand over this family business to her sons. As a result, Conrad paints with a far grander psychological canvas than does Maugham.

There, Gage finds Genevieve naked and bound, with her mouth stitched shut, as well as five other teenagers who are in similar predicaments. I had arrived after a tedious journey at a little town from which I proposed to make the ascent of a celebrated mountain, and I was taken to a rambling hotel that stood at its foot.

Of Human Bondage was my only other experience with Maugham until now, and it floored me.5. Hendricks tortures Genevieve while Mike and Toni watch the screen. They took her in their arms and gave her resounding kisses.

I asked her if she was not homesick. Roth and the group then beat Hendricks and hang him from a tree. Mike thinks he has closed the case. Though they may not have seen one of their own race they will pass you on the road as though they did not see you, and if, presuming on your nationality, you should call as likely as not they will decline to receive you; but if they do they will give you a cup of tea from a silver teapot and on a plate of old Worcester you will find Scotch scones.

The narrator comes to Asia Minor and meets an Englishwoman who is a proprietor of the hotel. The widow confesses these are adopted children though their blood-mother is a Greek girl who used to work in the hotel.


The narrator calls Turkey the barbaric country, but also notes, that she stands firm on what she believes. She was a little stout woman, not without dignity, and she wore a black apron trimmed with lace and a small black lace cap. The title of the story has its direct and indirect meanings.

Interpretation of the story: She took everything that came as a matter of course. Let me pass on to the main characters of the work. Her story is very sensitive one - she was in the family of rich English man, as a house-keeper, and found her love therea manthat also worked in that mension.

Maugham-himself narrator present in some of the stories was subtly problematizing said condescension, which made me think maybe the first couple of stories were ironic too?

But she is unhappy at the same time, as her relatives broke all contacts with her because of her husband. She makes mistakes being communicated: The rivers and the jungle only provide a boundary to lock these people within. Doctors at the Meistrich Institute state that Hendricks, who has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic with a severe chemical imbalanceis okay as long as he is on his medication.

Maugham wrote with wit and irony, frequently expressing an aloofly cynical attitude toward life. The author of said review said maybe it is both, and lent me the book.

The shameful ways in which people react to power have not changed. I was astonished at her appearance, for she looked exactly like a housekeeper in a great English house.eBooks-Library publishes W.

Somerset Maugham (William Somerset Maugham) and other eBooks from all genres of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, historical documents and sheet music, all of which are available on a subscription basis. In a Strange Land The Judgment Seat Louise The Luncheon The Man with the Scar Mayhew Mr.

Know-All. Opere di W. Somerset Maugham W. Somerset Maugham Questa è un elenco delle opere di William Somerset Maugham, uno degli scrittori inglesi più famosi e.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on In A Strange Land Maugham. At head of title: W. Somerset Maugham Short stories Boston University Dept. of Special Collections' copy from the library of Mr. and Mrs. Loren Rothschild Toole-Stott, R.

Maugham Raw material -- Mayhew -- German Harry -- The happy man -- The dream -- In a strange land -- The luncheon -- Salvatore -- Home -- Mr. Know-All -- The escape -- A Pages: Author: Maugham, William Somerset, –, English writer, b. Paris. He was noted as an expert storyteller and a master of fiction technique.

An introverted child afflicted with a stammer, Maugham was orphaned at 10 and sent to live with his uncle, a vicar. Read, download, borrow W. Somerset Maugham's short stories free.

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