Indian management and western management

If you go back in time - until the 90s - India was a closed economy.

Waste management in India

Indian managers are used to finding ways around obstacles, including lack of resources. Conclusion I am not saying that all western managers are good and all Indian managers are bad.

I will give you Two days and on Third day I want to see the task completed. It will be invaluable for CEOs, managers, public policy administrators as also for consultants, teachers, researchers and students of management.

The definition of what constitutes the home market is also changing as more countries become part of a trading bloc. The management concept in the west developed as a result of evolutionary process, based on the changing values systems of the people - the social, political, and economic environment as well as educational and cultural milieu.

Based on extensive research we have evolved such concepts and Management practices which are acceptable in Indian context. Our Research finding in Indian Management indicate that many of the Management practices suggested by Foreign specially the Western consultants when implemented in Indian Organizations, get rejected by the environment resulting in contradiction within the Indian context between stated policies and actual practices termed as "Dualism" in Indian Management.

If I cannot convince business and you have to work on weekend, I will consider it as my failure as a manager. Asking for a leave You want Two days leave.

These are the important facets in The Indian Way of management. You definitely need a break. You are working very hard. So I am expecting this to be completed on 12th day. What are you talking about? Unlike in the US, an Indian entrepreneur tends to stay with his business till the end. As a patriotic Indian, this hurts me a lot.

Now there are more students passing out of Indian B-schools and these young managers are collectively coming together with older experienced managers to create a managerial cadre that has diverse skill sets and who are able to operate successfully both in India and internationally.

This gives the Indian managers very much power over their employees. If you ask for the leave next month, he will tell the same thing.

Indian Management Style versus Western Management Philosophy

As Indian businesses have become bigger and globally more important, is there something that can be identified as The India Way of management or doing business? But they operate in a complex, often volatile environment with much red tape.

I have never traveled to western countries, however, in IT field it quite common to be your manager overseas. However, I am going to narrate how Indian manger and American manager responds to different situations. If I were in your position, I would have estimated it two days.

I hope Indians will pick up and learn the good things from the western world. Weekend Work You promised to your manager that you will complete a task on Monday. This project is not like any other project. They restructured, improved their capital structures, brought in good management skills, and, over a period of time, they professionalised and globalised themselves as well.

Western managers vs Eastern managers: difference in management style

Most companies, as they grow, move gradually into international markets and the major evolutionary stages of planning; the unplanned stage, the budgeting stage, the annual business planning and the strategic planning stage, which equate closely to the evolution of the business.

But, there is the cultural difference. So to keep your promise, you decide to work on weekend. As another facet, we can also increasingly see the emergence of entrepreneurialism as management graduates with more experience leave their jobs and join newer graduates to start their own ventures.INDIAN MANAGEMENT THOUGHTS AND PRACTICES.

PERSONALITY AND PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT methods of Learning • Strengths and Weaknesses of Gurukul and Modern Systems of Learning • Concept of Motivation in Indian v/s Western Context • Different styles of Leadership • Is Leadership Situational • Leadership style 4/4(1).

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Jun 16,  · Indian Management Style versus Western Management Philosophy. Discuss Indian Management Style versus Western Management Philosophy within the HOT Debates - The Big Fight forums, part of the Management Students Voices (MBA,BMS,MMS,BMM,BBA) category; Hi, Given the present scenario that is unfolding.

Waste management in India Jump to Indian landfills contain dangerous materials, including plastics and chemicals. Both the report and the rules, summarised below, are based on the principle that the best way to keep streets clean is.

Sep 19,  · Friends, During my long career, I got enough opportunities to work with Indian managers and western managers. I have never traveled to western countries, however, in IT field it quite common to be your manager overseas. There is big cultural differences between Indian and an American, and of course this reflects in their.

The Indian way of management

Indian management thoughts and practices 10, views. Share; Like; Before we talk about the culture specific system of management suited to Indian psyche, we should first understand and appreciate the salient characteristics of Indian culture.

The core issue separating Western belief from Eastern belief is whether the causes of.

Indian management and western management
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