Its the economy stupid

They care now, I assume. During these times, it is an all-or-nothing game. P I suggest adding an explanation or deleting the page altogether. The years from through have Its the economy stupid a dramatic departure. I have been thinking lately about the little hamlet of Dorchester, New Brunswick a short drive from Moncton.

It is also useless for the owners of that store. All governments act by force when they act. The problem with that is that taxes are extremely harmful to the economy. This is a fairly simple thing to do.

Suddenly the business climate was friendlier. Whether it is our young people or new immigrants, we need to be more intentional about this issue of putting down roots.

I have a friend who is looking at potential Its the economy stupid development opportunities in the village. The baby boomers and Generation X knew it best as "the land of milk and honey. Can wealth be created at all? He let entrepreneurs know that they could take risks without fear of being punished for their success.

If she were to use every force of her will to cause him to buy that minivan, and he did, that would be a very bad thing. What changes would you advocate to use our tax system to encourage capital investment and growth? Provincial and federal governments have an important role to play but in my experience local leaders — government, business, community need to step up first, cast a vision, and put their own skin in the game.

This is his economic boom caused by his policies and no greater proof is found than in the manufacturing job numbers, jobs that Obama famously said, in a speech to Carrier employees, would never come back.

As a result, the economy would pop like a cork pulled from a shaken champagne bottle. All these raised the cost of doing business if business could be done at all. Meanwhile, the number of fiscal years of purely flat, zero-growth revenue was five. Almost the entire product in New Brunswick is flash frozen and shipped out wholesale.

But wealth is not possessions. Please take a moment to review my edit. Both sides enter into the agreement because they think they are getting a better deal by doing so than not.

All you had to do was stand there, in that cohort, during that decade.

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Capitalism depends on people having liberty to choose for themselves. The share of the workforce filing new unemployment claims is at a record low. That is, we do not work 40 hours a week so we can get a few pieces of paper. It appeared on bumper stickers against the Bush—Cheney ticket in[2] for the Ron Paul ticket inand appeared in video ads for the Gary Johnson ticket in Maybe they want something else, like a gourmet spaghetti meal.

It's the Economy, Stupid

Dorchester has an interesting history. It was one of those debate moments when you know the guy scored big. Notice that nowhere in discussing wealth and value did I talk about money. When I got a look at the inner workings of this industry I was surprised.The Miramichi New Conversations tour stop last night was very well attended.

I counted over a hundred folks in the room.

It's the economy, stupid

There was a lot of good discussion and testimonials and some frank, straight-talk express stuff about the challenges. "It's the economy, stupid" is a slight variation of the phrase "The economy, stupid", which James Carville had coined as a campaign strategist of Bill Clinton's successful presidential campaign against sitting president George H.

W. Bush. "It's the economy, stupid," read a sign in Bill Clinton's campaign headquarters, reminding everyone that while the election may have looked like a contest between a dynamic young agent of.

It grew from $ trillion to $ trillion in “chained” dollars, or about %. (“Chained” dollar series embed a more sophisticated and accurate adjustment for inflation than constant dollar series. Nov 15,  · “It’s the economy, stupid,” she said. Follow The New York Times’s politics and Washington coverage on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for the First Draft politics newsletter.

Dec 27,  · What did Bush in, as Clinton adviser James Carville famously quipped, was “the economy, stupid.” Team Clinton wagered that the sluggish recovery from the recession would loom largest.

Its the economy stupid
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