My strengths and weaknesses as a student essay

I attend courses on leadership, read a lot, practice to become even better. I focus on my non-verbal communication skills, because I want the non-verbal to be just as understandable as the verbal.

My weakness in communication is also when I have to speak in front of the class, or in front of a very large group of people I become nervous, because my weakness of thinking that they are more focused on me than on the information that I will be presenting.

It is impossible to eradicate all negative features, but we can make them less noticeable and harmful. For example, at the university, I wasted my time studying unnecessary subjects which were not significant for my future. I try to communicate just the point I am trying to make and have the point understandable to those who are listening.

I work at that weakness by having the personal strength to try to make the presentation enjoyable so that the focus will not be so much on the speaker but the information be presented to the group.

Strengths and Weaknesses Essay Sample

They talked with me very seriously even when I was a small girl. My parents always taught me that I have to become successful in the future. Although I managed to pull myself together, this feature had not changed since childhood.

However, they are the main spur for people to develop and broaden the mind.

High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Academic Weaknesses One person cannot have talents in everything, and Mathematics is my weak side.

If mother and father argue a lot and do not pay enough attention to their infant, the kid will feel insecure. It was embarrassing and even irritating. Since my childhood, my parents taught me to work on my character all the time.

I do not mean that we have to give up writing homework. And you may wonder why I have included this feature as the negative one, but I will explain you. Just because I am more into linguistics, doing what is not my vocation was a waste of time.

There is no ideal human in this world, but there are lots of perfect ones. Sometimes people just do not want to accept that some of their traits are not that good.

More essays like this: In having communicated with all different types of people, I once was told that if you stop and think for five seconds before you speak, your communication skills would present themselves in a most intelligent manner.

It is pretty enough just to balance talents, and focus on that one which is in our gut. Academic Strengths As I was always ready to take the initiative at school and the university, I became the president of the local Student Council.

It does make me stronger, but I am not sure that all those details make me successful.Strengths and Weaknesses Essay Sample “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” This is my favorite quotation which always reminds me never to give up.

Attack Limitations: Strength and Weaknesses My strengths and weaknesses define who I am. My strengths help me become a better person and my weaknesses keep me fighting to be that better person. Strengths Essay Student Name Professor Name Course Title Due Date (D/Month/Y) What Makes Me, Me.

My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay Words 4 Pages I believe that life is a learning experience and being able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses can help us become better individuals in anything we choose to do, whether it is positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or negative personal areas that need.

Personal Strengths and weaknesses Writing about my personal strengths is a challenging task that requires me to focus on the strong points that make up my character. While, however; speaking on my weaknesses, tend not to be such a problematical task. As a fourth year student in university, I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in life.

Some of these insights have come in the form of self-realization; that is, as a mortal, imperfect human being as others, I have found several strengths and weaknesses concerning my life that were not /5(13). I believe that life is our personal experiences and everyone has certain attributes with their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Being aware of what are my best strengths can help me overcome my worst weaknesses.

My strengths and weaknesses as a student essay
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