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The Renaissance [] Oxford,p. Given the clinical origins and bias of psychoanalysis, the easiest and most tempting way of explaining this similarity was to assert that artists and writers are neurotic and that works of art are analogous, or homologous to, dreams and neurotic symptoms; and that the techniques of psychoanalytical interpretation can be transferred without modification to artists and their works.

There are many approaches that you can take when analyzing literature. The devil deceived Brown to continue his journey in the wood, when Brown decides to return back.

In Freudian view, he is suffering from inner struggle between his id and superego His first suffering ends with the victory of one side over the o other. When the child needs to be changed, the id cries. The classical Freudian approach, which interprets works of art in terms of instinctual impulse closely resembling dream-interpretation raises a serious methodological problem: Freud believed that the id is based on our pleasure principle.

Psychoanalytic theory

After Brown has slept a while, he continued his journey to the heart of Psychoanalysis essay conclusion forest. When the sun rises, Brown returns to his village. For under the aegis of its broadly humanistic approach, both art and psychoanalysis may be seen as different media for exploring Psychoanalysis essay conclusion world of the mind, related through congruence and a common drive towards self-knowledge, rather than reductively in terms of a literary phantasy content and psychoanalytic interpretation.

Such criticism is based on the unconscious phantasy of uncovering the secrets of the unconscious thereby making no distinction between secrecy and mystery and such criticism which shows no awareness of a distinction between sign-systems and symbolic forms tends to talk about the art-symbol as if it were the merely the outcome or manifestation of ideological forces, the "basic assumptions" of society Bion.

You should state exactly what you have decided. Winnicott and Milner both disagreed with the fundamental Kleinian view that there was a rudimentary ego from birth and that it is the interplay of the life and death instincts which structure mental life via the unconscious phantasies of projection and introjection from the start.

The Chamber of Maiden Thoughtp. In Young Goodman Brown there are many layers to read through. Although Klein never formulated a systematic aesthetic theory of her own, and like Freud, looked at art mainly in terms of clarifying her clinical work, her contributions enabled new developments in psychoanalytic aesthetics.

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Many equate the superego with the conscience as it dictates our belief of right and wrong. See Segalpp. Your conclusion about the discussion. There is, then, in both the Bionian and Winnicottian conception of human nature, an emphasis on Psychoanalysis essay conclusion necessity of truth - which the mind needs for growth just as the body craves food for its nourishment.

His journey leads him to leave the village which is a place of light and security to the forest which is a place of darkness, dangerous and unknown destination. Indeed, not only do we privilege words over images, our scientific world-view tends to isolate the two modes of functioning.

His bewilderment grow bigger and bigger. The term refers, as well, to the systematic structure of psychoanalysis theory, which is based on the relation of conscious and unconscious psychological processes. As we saw in Chapter two, section two, Kleinians believe that unconscious phantasy structures all mental activity and perception - including both conscious and unconscious modes of functioning.

Moreover, the consequence of his journey is the uncertainty in his live. Image, Text, Ideology Chicago, According to Freud, the mind can be divided into two main parts: In essence, she transformed the Freudian paradigm, giving it a decidedly Platonic orientation by discovering that the inner world has its own type of geographic concreteness, and that it was the transactions of the inner world manifest in dreams and unconscious phantasy that the meaning of the outer world derived its origins.

According to the British School, what makes an artwork of aesthetic symbolic significance is the very fact that is the outcome of psychic work, a process which involves the negotiation between self and other, inner and outer reality.

Chapter four explored Bion enlargement of the Kleinian paradigm by his placing of Freudian and Kleinian theories into much wider, literary and philosophical dimensions. Freudian, Kleinian, Bionian, Winnicottian. Freud claimed that in nearly all cases the boy represses the desire for his mother and the jealousy toward his father.

Thus his desire motivates him to create them. According to Freud, the unconscious continues to influence our behavior and experience, even though we are unaware of these underlying influences.

He called this the Electra complex. But where aesthetic experience is thrice removed from reality in the Platonic schema, it occupies central stage for Bion.The main body of the essay should lead logically to that conclusion, and it should be properly supported by your arguments and analysis.

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That's all down to your research and how you structure the essay, of course. Discussing the evolution of psychoanalysis and how it has formed the basis of behaviour and approaches to traditional psychodynamic, psychotherapeutic and contemporary counselling.

Discussing counselling and psychotherapy now and in the future. Ending the Essay: Conclusions So much is at stake in writing a conclusion. This is, after all, your last chance to persuade your readers to your point of view, to impress yourself upon them as a writer and thinker. successful literary analysis essay.

Summary If a key event or series of events in the literary work support a point you are trying to make, you may want to include a brief summary, making sure that you show the relevance of the event or events by explicitly connecting your summary to your point.

The conscious vs the unconscious. b- The id, ego, and superego. c- Oedipus complex. 2- Psychological Analysis of Young Goodman Brown. III- Conclusion. Prepared by: Manal Abdul Lateef. What is psychoanalysis?? Psychoanalysis is a name applied to a specific method of investigating unconscious mental processes and to a form of psychotherapy.

Criticisms And Strengths Of Psychoanalysis Psychology Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, As conclusion, both theories contain it strengths and weaknesses. Psychology Essay Writing Service Essays More Psychology Essays. Essays; Psychology; We can help with your essay.

Psychoanalysis essay conclusion
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