Saints and roughnecks reaction paper

In this case study, the subsequent careers of both gangs turned out to be examples of a self-fulfilling prophecy-what people believe to be real will be real in its consequences. On the other hand, the majority of the middle class Saints went on to college and thriving occupations.

Not only were they removed from the mainstream of traffic, but they were almost always inside a building. Almost all Saints and roughnecks reaction paper the boys were popular and many of them held offices in the school.

The fighting activities of the group were fairly readily and accurately perceived by almost everyone. Another meaning of seriousness is the potential threat of physical harm to members of the community and to the boys themselves.

Most of the teachers expressed concern Saints and roughnecks reaction paper this group of boys and were willing to pass them despite poor performance, in the belief that failing them would only aggravate the problem.

Thus, it is easier for the rich to indulge in criminal activities and keep out of the reach of police than the poor. The Saints are the rich, well-mannered delinquents who seem to get away with just about everything, and the Roughnecks are the poor, ill-mannered delinquents who are constantly getting in trouble with their teachers, the law and the community in general.

This induces feelings of revenge in the poor and their revenge is more physical than otherwise because all they have is physical power. The boys had a spirit of frivolity and fun about their escapades.

According to strain theory, also known as anomie theory, there are five possible reactions to the normative goals prescribed by society. They are alike, not only in the offenses they have committed, but in other significant social respects as well.

The poor boys were rarely drunk because they were unable to be served by the local taverns, while the Saints were regularly drunk. It is not important that the reason they speak well is because they were lucky enough to be born to the upper middle class through no fault or effort of their own.

The Outsiders and Saints and Roughnecks/Reaction paper - Essay Example

Conflict Theory A regular affair for the Roughnecks is minor thieving. However when obstacles get in their way and keep them from achieving those goals for example they want a college education but cannot afford it then they turn to deviant behaviors such as drugs and crime.

They attended Hanniabal High: However, they were perceived as "sowing their wild oats " and were rarely disciplined, whereas the low-SES boys were seen as criminals and were frequently in trouble with school officials and with the police.

Some of the Roughnecks have lived up to community expectations. Then the boys drove around town, calling obscenities to women and girls; occasionally trying unsuccessfully so far as I could tell to pick girls up; and driving recklessly through red lights and at high speeds with their lights out.

The way an individual is perceived or labeled in the society shapes his mentality and has a big role in deciding his future. The Saints self-esteem is consistently reinforced with positive labels and accolades, which allows them to succeed in life. Drinking would doubtless have been more prevalent had the boys had ready access to liquor.

The Roughnecks on the other hand did not have automobiles, money, and other benefits, which could have helped enhance their image in the society. They do not have the fancy clothes and flashy cars and affluent charm of the Saints. They did not view what they were engaged in as "delinquency," though it surely was by any reasonable definition of that word.

But some teenagers feel that it is also a daunting time, filled with persistent concerns about their self-identity and self-worth. Big Town activities included drinking heavily in taverns or nightclubs, driving drunkenly through the streets, and committing acts of vandalism and playing pranks.

Violence; Disease or Attitude The everyday anxiety of Saints was to escape from school at the earliest possible time.

Basically, Saints were students who always got good grades and were deeply involved in school activities who went out of their way to cause trouble. When they are outside and girls walk by, even respectable girls, these boys make suggestive remarks.

Herb was acknowledged to be the best player in the school and Jack was almost as good. In some ways the gang was more delinquent than the community thought; in other ways they were less.

This is evident from the fact that the major forms of crime i. He and Herb graduated in four years, and both are teaching and coaching in high schools. There was a high level of mutual distrust and dislike between the Roughnecks and the police.

Jack had a particular propensity for fighting and was involved in most of the brawls. Although the groups had a fairly equal amount of lawlessness, the groups were treated unequally by the community because of the labeling theory.

Their pattern of deviancy was reinforced. Most of The Roughnecks ended up not going to college and not getting so great careers.The Saints and the Roughnecks In the article “Saints and the Roughnecks” by William J.

Saints and Roughnecks Reaction Paper

Chambliss, he examines two groups of delinquent high school aged boys, and labeled the eight upper-class boys the “Saints”, and the six lower-class boys the “Roughnecks”.

Although the groups had a fairly equal amount of lawlessness, the groups were treated [ ]. Saints and Roughnecks Reaction Paper Society tends to punish only the poor for their visible crimes, although the invisible crimes of rich are more severe and heinous than those of the poor.

Society tends to punish only the poor for their visible crimes, although the invisible crimes of rich are more severe and heinous than those of the poor. “The Outsiders” and “Saints and Roughnecks” commonly point towards one issue i.

e. future of individuals is decided by the way they are treated by the materialistic society [ ]. Poor children are turned into criminals because of the social injustice and exclusion they are offered by the richer society.

Society tends to sideline the po. Term Paper Saints and the Roughnecks and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers.

Saints and the Roughnecks Term Paper. Length: 5 pages; Subject: Criminal Justice Saints The Roughnecks and the Saints: A Research Overview The essential problem that the researcher set out to address in this article was the.

This week in class we read an article called The Saints and The Roughnecks. The Saints were white, middle-class, suburban teenagers. Everybody in their school, including teachers, viewed them as good guys, and they were always given extra chances.

Saints and roughnecks reaction paper
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