Swot analysis of crude oil industry

Tourism facilities like game reserves, amusement parks, museums, hospitality industry, unique natural and physical environment and etc, should be developed to reduce dependence on oil.

Threats BP is highly affected by external threats. The company can engage in alternative energy techniques by implementing an effective plan. The company has faced a number of legal suits, most of which are connected with oil spill.

Oil and Gas Development Company SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Over 11, people form a part of the workforce Weaknesses 1. Most recently, were the physical theft of N2. Compliance costs could increase and place further pressure on Company resources.

Richardson stated that Saudi Arabia is busy reshaping its petrochemical industry to reflect a drastic shift in priorities and its government is supporting new investments downstream of the basic cracker derivatives in an attempt to diversify the economy and create more jobs.

The price of petrol and diesel is artificially kept high so as to cross-subsidize LPG and kerosene. It is a fact that petroleum industry is the largest industry in the country and main generation of GDP in the country www. Some of the channels through which the global financial crisis are affecting Nigeria is in the area of reduction in the value of trade in oil and income www.

Conclusion By considering the Management style, culture, organisational structure, and SWOT analysis of both companies, it is true to say that they are worth investing on heavily. In the first place, it provides a mechanism through which local people can be effectively exposed to the technical, managerial, commercial and other challenges of the oil business.

The main threat is legal and environmental pressure from advocates, which amplifies operation cost for the company. This has contributed to the success of BP in the energy industry around the globe. These include solar, wind, and hydrogen. The oil PSUs had hitherto developed a fortnightly pricing mechanism, which is likely to discontinue.

The Petroleum Revenue Special Taskforce report is one of several commissioned by the government and follows and outcry after a parliamentary investigation uncovered a multi-billion fuel subsidy scam.

SWOT Analysis of Oil Companies

This is the only way corruption can be stopped in Nigeria. One of the ways in which the company has grown is through acquisition. Various efforts intensified by the advanced nations to invent alternative renewable energy resources have been partially successful.

Oil exporters especially Nigeria registered a deficit of 7. Finally the threats against the oil industry which included depletion of oil reserves, plans to develop alternative energy resources by advanced nations, the rising fossil fuel prices and the world financial crisis calls for urgent concern and action.

Although we believe the industry is likely to witness increased competition, the initial retail rush by private sector players has slowed down. If we take Saudi Arabia as our case study, we can find out that they have long diversified into downstream of backward and forward linkage in the area of petrochemical and petro-allied industries.

This will go a long way in generating employment, and provide raw materials for our industries as well as produce food for consumption, thereby reducing the importation of food items. The diversified operations have seen the business thrive well in the market.Providing expert analysis, independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the oil and gas industry.

Report includes: BMI Industry View, Industry SWOT Analysis, Industry Forecasts, BMI's Oil & Gas Risk Reward Index, Market Summary, Economic Forecasts, Company Profiles, Competitive Landscape and Global and Regional Overview.

IBISWorld’s Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production global market research report offers insightful industry analysis and research into the market at an international level. IBISWorld’s in-depth industry market research is presented in a. Nov 22,  · This work is going to take a critical look at the oil industry in Nigeria with a view of presenting an in-dept analysis of this important sector of the economy making use of the “strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats” (SWOT) analysis.

SWOT Analysis of Oil Companies Introduction The report provides an analytical review of British petroleum (BP) (international oil company) and PETRONAS (national oil company) in terms of management style, culture, organizational structure, and SWOT analysis.

The energy sector: A SWOT analysis we feel that there is a compelling reason for a SWOT analysis on the oil sector at the current juncture. for IOC to. TERM PAPER Managerial Economics SWOT ANALYSIS OF CRUDE OIL INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION Crude Oil Industry Crude oil is one of the most necessitated worldwide required commodity.

Any slightest fluctuation in crude oil prices can have both direct and indirect influence on the economy of the countries.

Swot analysis of crude oil industry
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