The significance of investment in zipcar business essay

There is also an opportunity for growth in transit connections, Zipcar should, therefore, look or ways of maximizing on that.

Zipcar’s Strategic Management Essay Sample

Chase and Danielson must continue to build the company because it has a bright future. Discussion Zipcar needed a fresh infusion of capital from investors. The fact that most of those that participate in biking come from neighboring states present an issue, which is familiarity.

The most effective way of reducing emission of greenhouse gases into the environment is by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. Zipcar is also available in a number of universities. Market segmentation can be done on a number of bases. Zipcar allows its members to make reservations even up to a year in advance.

They thought people were just too tied to their cars. It works with the government to substitute and expand fleets. E-mail marketing would be far much better than print mail advertising. They exceeded their target during this process.

This system of car-sharing encourages individuals to use cars only when they need to. These are the individuals living in the metropolitan areas, college students and other members at universities, private businesses and government entities.

Political interference is also an issue. I major advantage they should be exploring is franchising. Zipcar has overall membership of overZipcar should ensure protection of its data through constant backups.

Awareness is the first stage of customer loyalty and is an inevitable stage if a company a business has to have clients.

This is a sensitive market hence every marketing strategy used by the company reflects in its overall operations. An effective market segment is one that has its own unique needs.

The current economy is not very stable and this presents a problem for Zipcar.

A number of residents in urban areas have increased their use of public transportation, with a number of them getting rid of their own cars so as to make use of car sharing services such as Zipcar.

However, the political status of the United States is stable at the moment. Morgan Securities LLC are acting as the joint book-runners for the offering. Zipcar has to look for ways to attract its customers and convince them that it is the cheaper option.

Custom Zipcar Essay

But the plan did not work because Chase had to let go of the newly hired manager. Gas and parking prices are included in the reservation rates. Zipcar should, therefore, aim at maximize visibility of all options on their website.

The reason for going public was to help raise funds for debt repayment and expansion of the business. The company should take time to analyze its competitors in order to formulate and implement programs that are customer focused.

This may discourage prospective consumers from joining. These are charged depending on the market prices. Information about Zipcar is available on the internet making it easier for consumers to make reservations and get more information on Zipcar locations.

Thus, Zipcar needs to focus on getting non-members to believe that they actually need their car sharing services.

The marketers should put efforts to establish its distribution channels and the location of the business to access more customers to improve profits. The trust of a local owner in a developing country is highly beneficial for the company who is aiming at going global.

It got the universities to pay for insurance. Automobile It has a wide range of automobiles for its members to choose from including Volvos, mini coopers, pickup trucks and many more. Members are issued access cards.

A market segment is a section of individuals with like traits that make them demand the same products and services.

Markets should have a comprehensive marketing strategy to produce better results and acquire customer loyalty.Zipcar, Inc.

owns and operates a car sharing network. It offers self-service vehicles that are located in reserved parking spaces in neighborhoods, cities, and Location: 35 Thomson Place Boston, MA United States. Zipcar has developed a unique business model and supported it with appropriate technology which makes it a unique business.

Regarding the bargaining power of buyers, Zipcar service is considered unique and the market they are targeting is considered niche. The significance of Zipcar to the environment and the local communities is quite apparent in that it has become very important in the metropolitan transportation mix.

A number of residents in urban areas have increased their use of public transportation, with a number of them getting rid of their own cars so as to make use of car sharing. Business Accounts Zipcar for Business is a great money and time-saving alternative to taxis, car services, rental cars, employee reimbursement and company fleets.

Zipcar provides you with self-service access to a diverse fleet of cars 24/7, with discounted driving rates Monday through Friday. Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing and car club service. Sign your company up for Zipcar for Business.

Get access to cars parked where you live and work. Reserve and drive by the hour or day. Therefore, the actions Chase should take are to focus on gaining investment to fund the increasing variable and fixed costs within her business model and providing data of improvement from the change in annual prices and variable prices for consumers.

The significance of investment in zipcar business essay
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