Thesis on hiv aids in india

Although poverty and lack of medical assistance have contributed to the spread of the AIDS virus in Africa, there are other important cultural factors that have a seeming irreversible grip on the continent. This does not necessarily mean HIV is absent from the area, as some states report the presence of the virus at STD clinics and amongst injecting drug users.

Despite recent funding issues, the organisation has achieved notable successes with these diverse communities.

This raised fears about access to HIV prevention and treatment for men who have sex with men. Chronic diseases not only affect the lives of those suffering from the illness but also affect the lives of family members who take care for them [ 1 ].

The study subjects were made to understand the details of the study and only after obtaining written informed consent from them the subjects were enrolled for the study.

Caregivers spouse, parent, sibling or children in the age group of 18—60 years who provided care to the patient for at least 6 months of duration were included. Data was collected using a semi-structured proforma which included sociodemographic and clinical details of the care givers and patients.

A total of 5. Physical domain of QOL showed maximum score of Due to the increasing amount of pollution we release into the air and water systems, our ozone layer is depleting. Materials and Methods Study Design and Setting: The majority of HIV surveillance data collected by the NACO is done through annual unlinked anonymous testing of prenatal clinic or antenatal clinics and sexually transmitted infection clinic attendees.

Africa has had the greatest number of infected persons, both adults and children than any other continent. Studies have documented caregiver burden in the context of cancer, dementia and stroke [ 6 — 8 ].

HIV/AIDS in India

Results Sociodemographic details of caregivers: Many of the changes occurring in our world are a direct result of individualized nations releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Among these 14 had already progressed to AIDS. At that time, foreigners in India were traveling in and out of the country. The negative aspects of care giving has been described as caregiver burden or stress [ 23 ].

By Augustthere were more than 20, facilities offering HTC.

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

More studies on this topic have to be conducted in developing countries. Using these scores, the level of burden was categorized into little 0—20mild to moderate 21—40moderate to severe 41—60 or severe 61—88 burden [ 10 ].

Aids Research Paper

In some states and territories the average antenatal HIV prevalence is based on reports from only a small number of clinics. Majority of them NACO reports the number of clean needles and syringes distributed as One of the best ways to persuade readers from the beginning of your aids research paper is that you provide a strong thesis statement.

All or any chapter write-up including questionnaire or survey designing. The prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme PMTCT and the provision of antiretroviral treatment were materialized. Demographic and clinical profile of caregivers and patients.

Caregiver Burden among Adults Caring for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Southern India

This means authorities can justify police hostility and brothel raids.Aids in India essaysIndia, being one of the most populated countries in the world, is suffering due to its poverty and lack of health care, allowing AIDS to rapidly spread among the region. AIDS – the acquired immuno deficiency syndrome, is spread by a virus called human immuno deficiency viru.

With a World Bank credit of US$ million, the Second National HIV/AIDS Control Project was started. The use of State AIDS Control Societies to speed the distribution of funds at the state level helped increase the pace of implementation.

In India, family caregivers provide bulk of care to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Caregiver burden refers to the physical, emotional and financial hardships associated with providing care to a diseased individual.

Attending to the needs of PLWHA can place a significant burden on family. InHIV prevalence in India was an estimated %.1 This figure is small compared to most other middle-income countries but because of India's huge population ( billion) this equates to million people living with HIV.2 In the same year, an estimated 62, people died from AIDS-related illnesses However, one must understand the physical, emotional and mental damages that these children endure in order to make a drastic global change in the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans.

Descriptive Thesis Statements: These thesis statements provide a description of the research topic but don’t yet clearly express what the author’s argument will be.

Realize why it is a difficult task for students to write an aids research paper.

Learn how students can persuade readers through aids research papers and unveil some persuasive thesis statements on aids. Open Modal. (Persuasive Thesis Statement on What Shapes up the HIV Virus).

Thesis on hiv aids in india
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