Working at mcdonald s critical response

Moreover, because highly paying jobs require high academic qualifications, students who do part time jobs in their high school times may fail to achieve good academic performance, making them to also fall for low class jobs in the future.

This is an unhealthy event for teenagers because they do not get enough time to relax. I have seen numerous people working at low level jobs with their past job experiences being sufficient and exemplary in fast food restaurants.

Therefore, it is costly for a business organization to train unskilled individuals that to have full time employees who have the basic skills that are required for the given job. Amitai Etzioni said that: One day he became quite upset due to his responsibilities. It is also imperative to know that such teenagers do not learn much about life as they should have learnt according to older traditions.

“Working at McDonald’s,” by Amitai Etzioni Summary and Critical Response

Etzioni asserts these jobs as highly un-educational as being much routinized. This means that a student a high school student who does a part time job will neither perform well in class nor in the job because part of the mind is in work and the other part is in school.

The writer is inclined to believe that such job opportunities may hinder their studies, professional development and improvement, thus, granting them skills that they might not need at a well-paid job, if they had a chance to get one.

However, they do not realize how much working for long hours every day in a week may have on teens. This is because such students become use to doing low class jobs and they may, therefore, become satisfied with similar jobs in the future. This trend can also be directly translated into their future, and students who did part time jobs in high school may end up doing low class jobs in the future that are not well paying.

Working for long hours will, therefore, means that teenagers will strain their bodies leading to poor physical development.

Summary and Critical Response - Assignment Example

However, the adverse effect is on the high school students because they find themselves doing low class job. When people think of McDonald, they actually think of health scares characterized by eating burgers and French fries, and they do not think of the effect that working on a fast food place has on teenagers.

Summary and Critical Response of Working at McDonald's

Since it is clear that innovation and creativity escapes the minds of such teenagers, it is not surprising to say as to how quickly such teenagers are able to direct their life into the wrath of consumerism rather than into the fruits of entrepreneurship.

Students who do part time job, which is mostly the low class job have an increased probability of ending up doing low class jobs in the future. So when he gives exams, he passes his all subject with excellent marks.

A divided mind is scientifically known to perform poorly because it pays less attention to the task that it is being performed. This means that the quality of work that part time high school students do is poor. This is because long hours of working will deprive teenagers the time that they would have spent with friends or family members or even reflecting on their personal issues.

Moreover, times have changed, and the types of jobs are offered depend on the skills that an individual has.Mar 28,  · The Amitai Etzioni writes Working at McDonald's, article in which he says that part-time jobs such as at McDonald’s have many disadvantages like as low school attendance and low academic grades, etc.

critical response Amitai Etzioni’s article, “Working at McDonald’s,” is a thorough, supported, argumentative and convincing piece. Etzioni’s intention is to persuade his audience, namely parents of teenagers, that part-time job at franchises such as at McDonald’s is an unhealthy environment and does not promote supportive.

Critical Response. The article Working at McDonald’s by Etzioni is informative simply because it gives a comprehensive account on the potential impact of part-time job on young people education. Working At Mcdonald S Critical Response Alex Polston 10/4/ I do not agree with the overall view of the article “ Working at McDonalds.” This article intimidates the popular, undemanding jobs of teenagers at places that do not require a set amount of skills to begin work.

( words) Critical Response to the article “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni Amitai Etzioni in the article “”Working at McDonald’s” examines the phenomenon of teen employment in the United States.

“Working at McDonald’s,” by Amitai Etzioni Summary and Critical Response Summary. In ”Working at McDonald’s,” Amitai Etzioni argues that early employment starting from high school may become disadvantageous for youngsters in future.

Working at mcdonald s critical response
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