Write a test case for computer keyboard

Verify the functionality of numslock key. Test cases 51, 52, and 55 detect failure without your interaction and time out if no input is registered. Assuming its for computer 2. Check the number of keys as per specification.

Keyboard Cases

How about a fast typer? After running test cases 50, 53, and 54, the test prompts you with a question regarding the status of the test. How about an automated machine b. This test fails if you input incorrect keystrokes and then choose No when you are prompted to the test again.

Check if the audio volume can be muted or reduced using audio key.

Sample Test Cases for Keyboard

We need to create a subset of all valid and invalid combinations and check for the accepted output. Composite keys or when in combinations?

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This reduces the number of test cases to be performed and provides us with confidence 2. You can then release all keys. If you choose No a second time, the test is logged as failing.

Assume its given 8. How about a very old computer? Check if the printscr key works by taking screenshot on your desktop.

Pressing shift and composite keys Functional testing 1. First check the requirements of the keyboard as we are familiar with keyboards check the dimensions and design of the keyboard as requirements next checks the total no.

The interval at which a key should count as a second stroke? Check pressing on windows key opens the start menu. You can come up with more positive and negative test cases for the above tests.

How much pressure does a key require c.

Keyboard Test (Compact 2013)

Describes the user interface used for running this test. This lets you verify that the keyboard events are correctly recognized.

Remarks This test library can have one or more optional command-line entries to change the behavior of the test. How does it behave in case of large volume of data 6.Write test cases for GMail login page in respect of Security Testing, Accessibility testing, Usability Testing Asked by: Shubham Keyboard and mouse not working when booting to.

Test Cases - write a test case for computer keyboard. 8 Answers are available for this question. Jan 21,  · Edit Article How to Write a Test Case.

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Two Methods: Preparing to Write a Test Case Writing a Test Case Community Q&A A test case in software engineering is a single step or a series of steps to verify the correct behavior/functionality of certain features of an application%(15).

Find great deals on eBay for computer keyboard carrying case. Shop with confidence. A comprehensive list of test scenarios for a Keyboard page. Test Scenarios of Keyboard. Check if all the keys- characters, numeric, function, special characters and arrow keys are present In case the keyboard is wireless, verify the range of keyboard; Prev «Test scenario of Hospaital Management System.

These are some of the test cases I came up with, I covered many areas and there would many gaps but for an initial draft this would work. How would you test a Keyboard?

Write a test case for computer keyboard
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