Yes abroad monthly student status updates

The YES Abroad scholarship program provides the following for participants: It is common for the visa application process to require applicants to obtain several notarized copies of official documents for the participant and natural parents, such as the birth certificate, immunization certificates, and school documentation.

Emergency contact numbers in-country and in the U. Applicants are advised that each YES Abroad country has its own laws, social customs, and norms that the program cannot change.

For further criteria you can check their official website or look through their application form. The availability of extracurricular activities in-country varies by country and by region within the host country. Required pre-departure and in-country orientations are designed to provide participants with the tools necessary to know what represents sound decision making in the host country and host community.

Required medical examinations and immunizations Pocket spending money for personal expenses above and beyond basic needs. Host families are carefully selected by local in-country staff and volunteers. Graduate status participants Yes abroad monthly student status updates generally asked to sign an Academic Commitment Form, indicating their intent to perform academically regardless of their graduate status.

While applicants indicate their countries of preference during the application process, YES Abroad applicants should be open to any of the YES Abroad countries.

Country assignment for students selected as Finalists is made by the YES Abroad staff, and is based on matching cultural characteristics of the YES Abroad host countries with a review of the written application and the findings of the selection evaluators. Embassy in-country regarding the host region.

While this will assist participants with the basics, participants should be prepared to make great efforts at learning the language of the host community.

US Students Can Study Overseas With YES Abroad Program Full Time Scholarship

YES Abroad participants live with a host family and attend a local school, promoting mutual understanding between the United States and the host country by forming lasting relationships with their host families and friends. Costs associated with obtaining a valid U. While joining extracurricular activities can be a great way to integrate into the host community, YES Abroad participants with a career or long-term focus on such activities should keep in mind that access to specific activities and facilities cannot be guaranteed.

Host families are carefully selected by local staff and volunteers.

YES Abroad Students Arrival

More information can be found here. Exceptions are only made for natural family emergencies, which are decided by the administering organization in collaboration with the program sponsor, on a case-by-case basis.

The program has been designed to empower leaders and build ties with those countries that have a rising number of Muslim populations. This is a way to reach such countries and try to establish a relationship with the US.

YES Abroad students remain on the program in the host country for the duration of the program.

Frequent Asked Questions

Learning a language through immersion in the host country is likely different from how applicants have learned a language previously. What would my host family be like? To facilitate a daily classroom environment, YES Abroad participants who are 17 years of age or older during the program should be prepared to be placed in class with students one to two years younger than they are, as local schools may expect local participants at that age to be preparing themselves for their end of school exams, rather than attending daily courses.

Participants should be prepared to work at learning the language through the immersion process, but also through whichever learning method works best for them at home, such as Yes abroad monthly student status updates vocabulary and language structure with the assistance of a workbook or flash-cards.

How do I complete my application? In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must fulfill certain criteria such as; they should be citizens of USA, be enrolled in a high school at the time of application and fall between the age group of 15 to 18 and a half years at the start of the program.

Some applicants will be notified of Alternate status. YES Abroad participants are expected to attend school just as local students do --brief exceptions may be made if participants are engaged in a cultural enrichment activity organized by their host organization, such as a visit to a site of historical significance, or a program orientation.

YES Abroad program goals are to: If necessary, students may be removed from the host community and returned to the United States at the discretion of the U. Just as young adults must exercise sound decision making in the United States, the YES Abroad administering organization depends on the participants to exercise sound decision making while participating in the YES Abroad program.

Host communities range from small villages, to suburban, to urban settings. In the meantime, you can read more in our Notice of Privacy Practices here.

The YES Abroad program does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, impairment, political opinion, or economic and social standing.

In the case of civil unrest in the host country, for example, the administering organization works closely with the in-country U. Participants should not expect that academic work performed at the YES Abroad host institution will transfer home.

Applicants may inquire about the status of their recommendation letter at any time by contacting the YES Abroad team at ext. Applicants should be sure to correctly enter their primary email address, as well as that of their parents or guardians. Embassy and the Department of State in Washington, D.

In addition to topics that the program addresses in detail during various pre-departure sessions, it is important for applicants and participants to educate themselves about the laws and social customs of host countries.On August 31 four American students arrived at Sofia Airport as participants in the cultural and educational exchange program YES abroad.

Lilly, Macana, Delani and Margaret will spend the next ten months attending a Bulgarian school and living with a Bulgarian family. YES abroad is a U.S. Department of State program for intercultural dialogue and. visa status but will be approximately Euro. Recent Updates reentry to the US prior to travel for study abroad.

International Student Visas. Visa application process. The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad (YES Abroad) Program provides scholarships for secondary school students from the United States to study in select countries up to one academic year.

The latest Tweets from Abroad for Yes (@abroadforyes). Trying to gather Irish citizens abroad in one place to get as many votes on May 25th as possible. Survey on Study Abroad: Data from UNF Freshmen Emma Glencross and Lisa E.

Wills Faculty Sponsor: C. Dominik Güss, Assistant Professor of Psychology. Welcome to the YES Abroad scholarship’s application portal! The YES Abroad scholarship is for U.S.

citizens. If you are not a U.S. citizen and are interested in coming to the U.S. through the YES program.

Yes abroad monthly student status updates
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